2008. dec. 11.

Nothing Special Just the Usual Big Success

  • Have a quality product - Allee Willis and Holly Palmer (project name: Bubbles&Cheesecake) two talented song writers and singers.
  • Don't just observe your customers, but live together with them - Allee and Holly are very active online/offline social networkers.
  • Involve your customers and give them relevant content - They wrote and played a song in Allee's home. They recorded the 8 stages of the process with a cheap camera from the first rehearsal to the last fine tuning. They put all the 8 videos on YouTube.
  • Be compelling - Most of the viewers started to search their song wich stuck in their minds after watching 8 videos.
  • Have a simple, content-focused and user-friendly hompage with strong SEO - Allee and Holly have an award-winner site.
  • Sell the product at the time and place when and where the need arises - Holly broke up all her contracts with the record companies and she is selling her music only via the net (iTunes). CD Baby online music shop burns CD-R from the lossless files if you can't live without a physical CD.
  • Don't focus on budget, focus on efficiency - Their promo budget was extremely low, but the way they are treating their fans and customers is priceless.
  • "Editing is Cool" - I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with the core message of their promo song:

Reality is a perception,
you must edit to suit your own needs.

In life you can edit out weaknesses
and turn them into strenghts.

Edit out bad friends, bad jobs, bad habits and lovers
and anything else that is bad.

Edit your life!

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