Instead of Advertising


In a world of 'faster' and 'more', a new and formidable competitive force has emerged: the overhelming noise and clutter of the marketplace.
As a result, the mental walls customers erect to keep this clutter out have become one of the most important barriers for businesses. Barriers that are - for the first time - controlled by customers, not companies.

At the same time, traditional advertising approach is in a death spiral, Advertising has become too much, too intrusive, too artificial for people. Customers are faced with one-way, sales pitch conversations they don't like and information they don't trust any more. They are faced with too many products with too many - often irrelevant - features and too many messages over too many channels.

But as people turn their backs on intrusiveness, the advertising industry fights back with more of the same.
If there is too much noise, it shouts louder to be heard. To break through the clutter it overpromises and produces more empty claims.
All of this, however, only reinforces mistrust and evasion - the death spiral of diminishing effectiveness.

But is there an alternative to advertising? Can the industry reinvent itself? How do we break through the new barriers?
By finding ways to genuinely connect with customers. By building dialogues and trust.

Interaction Design for Marketing is all about how to create competitive advantage by meaningfully connecting with customers in a new reality using both old and new tools with a new approach. Instead of just advertising.

About the authors:

Mr. Csaba Mányai an economist and a historian who also holds a degree in tourism and in web marketing, has been providing marketing-strategy consultation for more than 10 years.

The book has been written with special contribution from Attila Bujtas, partner and creative director of Rebel Rouse. Mr. Bujtas is well known for his digital solutions that  has roots in classic advertising. He has worked on a number of award-winning image campaigns, including the Golden Drum Golden Watch-winning ElectroWorld opening campaign.

The book: