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Web Overlay Sites: So hot right now

Posted by Ashley Ringrose @ bannerblog.com

Two new sites launched today and both utilize the browser in a unique way.

Skittles.com takes a nod from Modernista and Girl Smiles and goes site less. The site uses Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter search and Wikipedia for its content. All navigated by an interface that floats over the top. It might not be the best fit for the brand but it's different for such a big brand to take this route.

Note than when you click to Girl Smiles it takes you back and loads the site over the top. Genius

Adrants talks about Skittles site and how Modernista had to alter theirs when news of layoffs made it to the homepage. Will Skittles stick with this idea or change it up once the novalty wears off?

To promote the latest Ps3 game Killzone 2 (which looks awesome) Sony has taken the fight to the browser with the cleverly titled Killzone 2 Web Game

Battles triger randomly based on the sites you visit (myspace.com, Flickr.com both had attacks) and it's a simple shooter game which lets the sites take damage. If another friend logs in you play multi-player although this didn't seem to have the same enemies viewable. It's an interesting idea and the Firefox plugin was tiny (45k) and installed easily.

I do feel that a few more community or social elements to this could have made it more of a winner. And while the gameplay and vosual polish doesn't do the game justice the idea of a browser game is an interesting one.

Our squad is called "TRUFFLES" FTW ya bastards!

Browser Based Games (Passive Multi-player Online Games)

There are actually two companies with Browser Based games. That is games that inhabit your browser and play across the web.

Rocket On and PMOG have both been around for a year or so and both in BETA. Check them out they are an interesting twist to how you normally work with games and social networks.

Rather than read a bunch of stuff just watch these videos

I look forward to seeing these develop. If they only put Twitter in there as part of it you'd see many more people talking about them.

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