2010. szept. 5.

BMW Group continues its consistent commitment to social media

BMW Group Career Channel on Facebook and Twitter

As of July 1st 2010, the BMW Group has made an information page with current job openings available on the social networks Facebook and Twitter. These innovative applications were conceived and implemented by KKLD*.

Students, graduates, and professionals in all fields can now get information about career opportunities and work at the BMW Group directly from the two social networks.

A major highlight of this initiative is a search engine for job seekers, directly integrated with Facebook. If there are no suitable positions available, prospective employees may choose to receive all new job listings corresponding to their field of activity and career level via Twitter. In addition, users can forward listings to interested friends and colleagues using the social networks’ “sharing” functions.

With this new development, the BMW Group continues its consistent commitment to social media. Already, they successfully maintain the corporate information page “BMW Group View” on Facebook, as well as websites for the brands BMW, BMW Motorcycle and BMW MINI. KKLD* is the lead agency for all BMW Group social media activities worldwide.


BMW-web.tv - International Videoplatform

BMW-web.tv is BMW's international entertainment videoplatform, created in order to present customers and interested people with a broad spectrum of on-demand video-content about the vehicles and the BMW brand. During the development of strategy, concept and and content-formats, they paid special attention to the creation of a simple, exciting User Experience and to the integration of viral web 2.0 interaction- and seeding-functions.


MINI launches first online store in New Zealand

Customers in New Zealand can now buy their MINI on the Internet.
KKLD* developed the online store for MINI, advised MINI on modern distribution channels and created the accompanying ad campaign. The full MINI range offered by dealers is available from the New Zealand MINI Online Store. The limited edition MINI Soho, however, is only available from the Online Shop.

MINI’s decision to open an Online Store reflects the wishes of today’s consumers, who expect to be able to order goods at any time or place and at the same time receive comprehensive information about a product.

MINI Countryman online video

This official MINI online ad and showroom video gave the world a closer look at the new MINI Countryman in action.

The video’s tagline, “Life is out There”, just about sums it up: it is a giddy montage of footage that packs a lifetime’s worth of adventure into a snappy few minutes. It's about closing the gap between slick, hip urban society and the rugged adventurism of the great outdoors – from the city to the countryside and back again. 

MINISPACE.COM – The online campaign hub

MINI Space is an international online community platform, and is all about taking part in creative projects, competitions, events and parties – basically, getting involved in the "Creative Use of Space". Simply, it's about meeting other creative people and having a good time. Its users are invited to create their own portfolio online. They also have the chance to be featured with their creative work, to take part in creative competitions, to get invited to parties and events and generally just to interact with other creative people. The website itself has become a great example of the Creative Use of Space: The background of the site is a blank canvas, filled with the designs of users themselves. Users designed and submitted approximately 4000 background designs in the first competition phase. In a nutshell, this website is a hub for connecting creative people, events and projects!

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