2009. jan. 31.

Axe seduces Swedish 14-24-year-olds with Messenger game

Case Study|16/12/08


A flirty first for Axe deodorant tempted Swedish 14-24-year-olds into a closer relationship with the brand through Windows Live Messenger. ‘Wheel of Temptation’, the first branded game to be launched on Messenger in Sweden, was played over 900,000 times, achieving a 15.6 per cent reach amongst the target audience and increasing sales by 11 per cent over a five month period. The results proved the effectiveness of such branded Messenger games as online advertising solutions.
Campaign objectives
  • Reach a target group of 14-24-year-olds, particularly young males
  • Engage this difficult-to-reach demographic with the Axe brand
  • Prove the effectiveness of this form of online advertising
  • Drive sales.
Creative solution

The Wheel of Temptation incorporated an Axe deodorant can into a traditional Spin the Bottle game, inviting young adults to reveal their secrets in categories such as ‘personality’ and ‘sex’ through an integrated Messenger chat. The opportunity to delve into one another’s embarrassing secrets provided an incentive for 14-24-year-olds to pass the game on with the unpredictable, personal nature of the questions adding to the excitement of this online advertising solution.
  • The campaign reached 412,000 players and was played over 900,000 times
  • 98 per cent of the players were introduced to the game via the Windows Live Messenger menu or a friend’s recommendation
  • The campaign achieved a 15.6 per cent reach amongst 14-24-year-olds
  • The average visitor spend 6 minutes with the game
  • The campaign increased Axe sales by 11 per cent.

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