2009. febr. 1.

FMCG brands stretch creative boundaries online

The latest edition of Microsoft Advertising’s Case Study Compendium looks at some of the most creative and effective online advertising developed by FMCG brands, including Coca-Cola, Heineken and Mars.
With case studies drawn mainly from across Europe, the Compendium looks beyond click-through rates and page views to campaigns measured with independent advertising effectiveness research to emphasise the potential of the web for building traditional brand metrics and directly driving offline sales.
Among the campaigns pushing creative boundaries online are Coca-Cola’s Happiness Factory 2 campaign, which integrated community and social media to excellent effect, Heineken’s successful targeting of 18-34-year-olds through UGC-style video postings, and the online video ads and virtual jukebox used by Mars to connect with young Belgians.
The platforms featuring in the Compendium range from Windows Live Messenger Personal Expressions to social networks and spectacular adver-gaming solutions, with detailed studies tracking the impact on offline sales of digital campaigns for McDonald’s, Burger King and Kellogg’s.

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