2009. febr. 11.

PR 2.0 - The Art and Science of Blogger Relations

by Brian Solis

The discussion around blogger relations is more relevant now than ever. And quite honestly, with every debate, exploration, and analysis, these conversations only fuel the advancement and improvement of Public Relations overall. 

It makes us think.

Lest we forget, there is a significant percentage of bloggers, reporters, and analysts who think we're useless - we're merely spin artists who focus on pitching, blasting, and cranking out poorly written press releases. We contact people without caring or knowing their interests or passions without knowing what we're talking about or why it should matter to them. That's the perception.

Don't be that PR person.

No, seriously. Chances are, at one point in your career, you contributed to the stereotype. So, let's do something about it now.

Believe it or not, I still arm wrestle with influencers defending PR. But in may cases, they're right. And, a lot of it has to do with pushing down important outreach to people who are either too junior to engage with industry veterans or not concerned with educating themselves as to why they're reaching out in the first place and why it matters to the person they're contacting. But, this is another topic for another day. 

Blogger relations is so much more than the recognition that bloggers ARE influencers in their own right. Now it's the understanding of how PR can work with them in addition to their traditional day-to-day activity.

I compiled a series of articles into one ebook that I hope will contribute to the elevation of PR as a respected profession, not just by the clients and executives, but by the very people we hope to build relationships with to bridge our story to the people who matter.

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