2009. febr. 21.

Viral Case Study - Interactive Hot Tub Girl

Choose Your Own Adventure when a Gorgeous Bikini Model enters your Hot Tub. You the audience get to choose our hero's actions! Be sure to choose wisely or else its Game Over! Make sure your YouTub...

SecretSauceTV, consisting of Andy Signore, Daniel Hartley, Arthur Gradstein, Ian Weinreich and John Carreon, made the above interactive YouTube annotations video in which you get to choose a guy’s fate when a blazing hot bikini model joins the hot tub with him. Give it a try and peel the girl a potato, call a friend to say hi, make her a balloon animal, rub her face with a mop, slap her with a fish, drop a toaster in the hot tub and so on and on. The video got over 500,000 views since it was uploaded on January 26th.

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