2009. aug. 16.

Dear client, would you please overstep the banner campaigns?

"Who Uses Social Media? You do! That’s right. You are already using or participating in social media whether you realize it or not. Ever look up old friends on Classmates.com, read a blog, watch a YouTube video or look up a definition on Wikapedia? Congratulations, you are part of the social media revolution! And guess what, so are your customers and prospectives."

What is Social Media Marketing and How Can it Help My Business? The bottom line is that consumers trust referrals from friends on social networking sites more than they trust advertising. In this case, friends are those they’ve met and built a relationship with within their specific community or network. And even though they’ve never met, a bond and level of trust has been built up over time and multiple interactions and "conversations".

David Carleton, The Masters of Social Media

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