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Top 5 Web Trends of 2009

Marc Metekohy @ viralblog

One of my personal favourite websites is ReadWriteWeb.com. Last week Richard MacManus, founder and editor of ReadWriteWeb created several posts on what he believes are the top 5 web trends of 2009. These were 5 really well written posts on different subjects. Below you find a compilation of these 5 web trends.

Trend 1: Structured Data
Structured Data, or what is often referred to as Semantic Web has been explored really well in 2009.
ReadWriteWeb has given 3 examples; OpenCalaisGoogle Rich Snippets and newcomerWolframAlpha, which all have used the power to structure data in new ways.

In laymen term’s; all information is delivered real-time. One example is BingTweets where Microsoft’s search engine Bing is combined with real-time results from Twitter. Facebook also implemented a change to their website design with a focus on real-time updates. Also the search function was changed allowing users to find information the moment it was published.

Trend 3: Personalization
Many consumer products on the Web aim to recommend you things that you may like. There are 4 main approaches to recommendations:
Personalized recommendation
Social recommendation
Item recommendation
A combination of the three approaches above

Layar, one of my personal favourite start-ups, has done an outstanding job creating a Augmented Reality Browser for your mobile phone.

The Internet of Things is a network of Internet-enabled objects, together with web services that interact with these objects. Underlying the Internet of Things are technologies such as RFID (radio frequency identification), sensors, and smartphones.
For example IBM announced a deal at the end of June with Danish transportation company Container Centralen. By February 2010, Container Centralen undertakes to use IBM sensor technology “to allow participants in the horticultural supply chain to track the progress of shipments as they move from growers to wholesalers and retailers across 40 countries in Europe.” Essentially it makes the travel process very transparent.

All in all 2009 already has been a very fruitful year with developments on many facets. We have become better to structure data and combine streams into a more personalized way. Independent on location and screen. And the the combination and culmination of it all in the Internet of Things. We can already look forward to the last months of 2009 and the many development in 2010.

Sources: As mentioned ReadWriteWeb is responsible for the research and the information. I want to thank Richard MacManus for his insights and reports.

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