2009. szept. 13.

Online Video: Superpowered Ideas for Marketers

This study asked marketers to forecast how brands can use web video to create value and build awareness on rapidly growing social media sites. Among top Social Media sites like MySpace and Facebook, internet video has seen huge growth over the past year. Among the findings and insights, the study reveals how video infotainment funneled through leading online social media platforms can create viral "Superbrands."

  • Brands can piggy - back on the meteoric rise of social communities by "socializing" video content - creating short, entertaining clips that audiences can easily share on Twitter and Facebook
  • Socialized video content can help a brand slip into a consumer's buddy list sideways by offering addictive, informative experiences
  • Videos that entertain, help people solve problems or make the web a better place are valuable currency in social communities
  • Superbrands are participating in the conversation every day by creating humorous, informative, addictive video content experiences - and not just on Superbowl Sunday

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