2009. okt. 10.

Quirky’s Social Product Development

Laurens Bianchi @ viralblog

Today I bumped into Quirky, a very interesting community. Quirky is a social product development company. The idea is simple: your product ideas come in, the community works on them, Quirky sells your product worldwide, and 30¢ of every dollar brought in gets distributed amongst you and the product’s influencers.

The great thing about Quirky is that it takes the idea of community websites and applies it to product development. The community, which is free to join, suggests new ideas for products, inputs design ideas and the audience can vote on them. The most popular ideas can even make it into pre-production.

The site owners work out a minimum quantity needed for a manufacturing run and people commit to buying – once the required number number of pre-orders has been taken the product is produced. Finally, as an incentive to get involved the top collaborators on each product receive a cut of the sales.

Quirky is a perfect example for brands that really want to engage their audience by evolving them into product development and help them to create new products or make existing products better.

Check their product page to see which products the community has in production right now. One of the latest products is the Powercurl, a clip on cord wrap for your Apple Power adaptor.

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