2009. okt. 29.

Zoogami Beer - with supercool technology

Zoogami releases a new beer and wants to position it as a modern product that follows the evolutions of the world in which we live. This is the Contemporary Beer project, born to explain, in a completely revolutionary way, what happens in the world in real time.
This is what Saatchi Italy says, but is a supercool tech idea really enough to build a brand and spread the message?

In Michael Shirley's opinion the answer is no.

The new Zoogami beer interactive site utilizes the amazingly vast amount of content being generated at any given time in the most bizarre trippy kind of cool way. It harnesses the power of Youtube and Google to generate a digital mashup of real time search results into what can only be described as seemingly completely random but addictive at the same time. I searched for my name, my cat’s name, what I ate for dinner (veggie burger), corduroy pants, you name it. All came back with some surprising results.
One problem though is that the beer itself is a secondary thought on this site. In regards to harnessing user generated content and repurposing it, I think this is more interesting than what Skittles did in their blatent rip off of the Modernista site. Ultimately this is horribly uninformative and the super cool creative technology they’ve created is somewhat wasted on it.

I agree with Michael, but despite all these comments I think this application is still excellent positioning tool.
Moreover I encourage marketers to create creative stuff like this and use innovative technology to support their image campaigns. Because a tactical communication like the Zoogami microsite:

  • is virulent
  • is cheap
  • generates strong WOM
  • burns the brand message in the visitors mind for long

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