2010. márc. 20.

Celebrate the Originals - American Apparel & Adidas

American Apparel Creates Crowdsourced Lookbook
Angela Natividad @ Culture Buzz

In December, American Apparel asked users of Lookbook.nu, a real-people fashion site, to submit photos of themselves wearing outfits that incorporate the brand.

Over a thousand entries came in, enough that AA was able to put together a 64-page lookbook spotlighting 132 looks created by about 77 chosen users from all over the world. The results are kind of stunning.

Curious about why American Apparel would go all artful-dodger after spending so many years trotting out images of chicks in compromising positions, PSFK posed the question. The brand replied thus:
Maybe this is better categorized as a resource than as an ad. What we liked about it is that it’s 77 people who each have their own sense of style showing how they like to wear American Apparel. Our photographers and designers see the garments in one way and sometimes the customers and fans see it a totally different way. The book has both. That’s a big reason why we’re giving it away at the stores and we hope people take it and get inspired or interested in pieces they wouldn’t have considered before.
Inspiration to impulse-buy! Good call.

This a pretty major 180 compared with American Apparel’s more recent hot-bottom star search, but at least it’s a tribute to the company’s commitment to let users cocreate the brand image.

Adidas Originals: Women’s Interactive Lookbook
Pernille Hegnsholt @ viralblog

For this year’s Women’s Lookbook, adidas Originals tossed the camera to a diverse selection of models, flipping the script and letting them get behind the lens to document each other as they worked the pavement in adidas Originals’ vibrant Spring/Summer 2010 Womens collection.

Watch Agyness Deyn, Ciara, Ana Ivanovic, Whitney Port, Adrienne Bailon, Tallulah Morton, Louise Roe, Cheer Chen and Hyori Lee show you how to hit the urban catwalks with their individual style.

If you feel more like interacting with the hot ladies, you can use the mouse to drag between frames and then decide who you want to see. You can also check out the clothes they’re wearing by clicking the clothes featured in the right corner.
Get the full experience here.

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