2010. okt. 3.

French Connection - YouTique

SocialMediaConsultancy.nl and Laurens Bianchi

The French Connection, the UK based fashion retailer has released the very first ‘webshop’ on YouTube. Well, it’s not the entire shop, but definitely one of the smartest online shopping windows we’ve ever seen.

The boutique is on their YouTube channel, where you can browse different videos using that new annotations that allows sending the user to an external content, in this case, the online shop. For every thing that you see in each video.

YouTique features a series of stylist videos, such as How to Look Cool on Casual Friday, or How to Sparkle at a Wedding. Stylist Louise Roe selects and talks through items and accessories from the retailer’s latest collection. Great idea, something you should expect more from brands like Adidas, Nike or Diesel.

Check out YouTique here.

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