2010. febr. 15.

Google goes social with Google Buzz

Pernille Hegnsholt @ viralblog

You have probably all heard by now about the latest attempt from Google to become more known in the social space. With the launch a few days ago, Google Buzz adds a social feature to your Gmail account.

Tood Jackson, manager for Google Buzz, introduced Google Buzz as a “new way to communicate within Gmail.”

Mr. Jackson define Google Buzz with five key features:
  • Auto-following
  • Rich, fast sharing experience
  • Public and private sharing
  • Inbox integration
  • Just the good stuff

Google Buzz is located as a tab just under the inbox in your Gmail labeled “Buzz”. With real-time updates from applications like Twitter, Picasa, Flickr and more, Google makes sure that you don’t miss any news.

Google also help you staying updated while you are on the road, with Google Buzz for the mobile.

As a dedicated Gmail user I find this newest attempt from Google a bit odd. I mean, I see the point in having all in one place but first of all Facebook is not integrated and then I don’t see anything new in it. More just another tool I have to check every day for updates. Another annoying thing is that you can only share buzz with people who also have a Gmail account and I think that a social network goes beyond Gmail accounts and if you are not able to follow more than 20 people I don’t see any point with it. But, with launch only a few days ago, I will definitely give it a try and see what the buzz is about. I would love to hear from you guys what you think and if you have had any experience with it so far.

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