2009. máj. 2.

Airwaves’ Viral: El Invencible Chlorophyllo

Written by Igor Beuker on April 25th, 2009

Wonderful work from Tribal DDB Paris for Airwaves. An interactive adventure awaits you as you as you take control of Chlorophyllo, the most powerful luchador in the history of Mexican cinema. Be a green latin hero. Play Chlorophyllo! An Interactive “video” game, simple but fun!

Become the Mexican “Hulk Hogan” Chlorophyllo in 70’s style and beat the scientist Mano Negra who needs taste of Chlorophyllo to become ruler of the world. The campaign seems to be inspired based on this movie.

Brilliant viral marketing campaign and great campaign site. Here you can also download emoticons and a PDF Chlorophyllo mask that you can cut, fold and use yourself. Meet the green heroe at Facebook.

Or see his video trailer at YouTube and below.

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