2009. máj. 6.

Movie Theaters Get Interactive

Written by Paul van Veenendaal @ viralblog

Advertisers are finding new and innovative ways to turn movie theaters into interactive venues. MK2, MSNBC, Volvo and Fiat show us, how to engage the public in cinemas around the globe.

MK2 VoD is the Video on Demand website of MK2, one of the largest cinema chains in Europe. Callegari Berville Grey, Windows Live Messenger and Universal Pictures successfully worked together to get moviegooers laughs and attention for the MK2 VoD service in 58 movie theatres during 2 weeks. See the video after the jump.

MSN chat window appears during Fast & Furious 4 trailer

MSNBC & Volvo: CrowdGaming

In the summer 2007 Msnbc.com introduced the first ever in-theater audience participatory video game concept: CrowdGaming. Modeled after classic video games, NewsBreaker Live combined live msnbc.com RSS newsfeeds, the movement of the audience (tracked with motion-sensor technology) as a human joystick, and the big screen as a game board to bust audiences out of their pre-movie doldrums with an interactive game that delivered real-time news headlines to kick start the moviegoing experience. Created by SS+K in collaboration with Brand Experience Lab.

Moviegoers of all ages swaying, swinging and rocking in their seats

In October 2007 car maker Volvo followed MSNBC’s example. In 12 UK cinemas the audience was simultaneously waving their arms in the air to guide the new virtual Volvo XC70 around the screen, each aiming to collect the most points and win the game. Carlton Screen Advertising sourced and developed motion-sensor technology that tracked the audience’s combined movements via a wireless video camera set up at the front of the theatre.

Cinema audiences became human joysticks to guide the new Volvo XC70

The concept was developed in order to engage a group of people and take video gaming, traditionally an individual pastime, to a truly sociable environment. By working together as a team, having fun and sharing the experience, Volvo created the perfect way to communicate Volvo’s ‘Life Is Better Lived Together’ brand message.

More CrowdGaming examples: Dove Soap in São Paulo, Vodafone in Kinepolis Madrid and Sony Ericsson in Portugal.

Fiat: Interactive Adventure by SMS

In 2006, Italian car maker Fiat and Ad agency AgenciaClick created the first interactive movie theater experience ever in Brazil, to promote the new light off-road car “The Fiat Idea Adventure”.

“Choose your onw adventure” by SMS

The audience in fashionable cinemas in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo got to determine, by voting by SMS, how the adventures of John would unfold, a busy man whose day is about to turn into an adventure. Based on the most voted combination of answers the audience was shown a six-minute film, compiled from the 16 different versions possible. At the end of the story, viewers were invited to create other day in John’s life at http://www.ideaadventure.com.br/. The campaign helped position Fiat as an innovative car brand and gained extensive editorial coverage in national and international magazines and newspapers as well as on TV.

Source: Europa Cinemas, CMD Global, Brain Sells, Zer Customs

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