2009. máj. 2.

Attila’s brief guide to a successful sales and brand-building

by Attila Bujtas @ attilabujtas.blogspot.com

In the past, customers got brand and product information from monologue type of communication. They got what marketers gave them.
Nowadays, costumers can get much more information from the net than marketers will ever know about their brands.
So, the era of answers without questions is over.
The brands have to start their conversation with questions.

Attila's Rules
  1. Do not lie.
  2. Know your target group deeply and truly, do not guess it.
  3. Think with their heads and build on their motivation, forget about yours
  4. Do not think in advertising, but in original and unique brand experience
  5. Do not sell product, sell brand experience.
  6. Do not just buy media, find the most relevant touchpoints.
  7. Do not send message, design the interactions and create a relationship.
  8. Be personal, do not broadcast.
  9. Do not be overly promotional. Do not repeat.
  10. Do not overwhelm with frequency. Be brief, be compelling.
  11. Measure and control all your brand activities.

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