2009. máj. 11.

How to restrategize your company in an economic crisis - updated and expanded

by Ouke Arts

To restrategize is not to maximize shareholder value, nor is it about mergers and acquisitions or growth and expansion.
To restrategize is to adapt to an economic crisis.
And it takes ten steps to adapt:
  1. realize you are in an economic crisis; 
  2. redefine your leadership; 
  3. reestablish your mission; 
  4. revise your vision; 
  5. rethink how you communicate in your market; 
  6. redefine your value proposition; 
  7. redistinguish yourself from your competitors; 
  8. redesign your organization; 
  9. reorganizae your alliances;
  10. and refinance your company.

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