2009. jún. 22.

About Social Media And Consumer Advocacy?

Igor Beuker @ viralblog / SocialMedia8

The video and explanation might be a bit silly. But it could help marketers to understand the importancy of social marketing. The relationship between brands and consumers has irreversibly changed. Just watch how Dave found and fell in love with his ‘blank’ here…

Obviously what is needed now is a new mark silly, but eting paradigm that calls for clients to actually STOP ‘marketing’ and be more engaged in the consumer conversation and act on behalf of the consumer in a way that creates brand advocates.

In our opinion every brand in the world should start with a “brand scan” or a more extended “brand benchmark” in the social marketing space. Just to learn what consumer opinions are about the brand, it’s products, services, sites or to gather digital pr clippings and find new consumer insights.

Or learn how the brand’s Share of Voice is in the social media space compared to the SOV of it’s competitiors. Our social media marketing agency SocialMedia8 has done 21 brand benchmarks the last 6 months and 95% of the brands have converted into a 12 month conversational tracking or brand monitoring program.

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