2009. nov. 29.

Sony's Fantasy Festival hooks 13,000 Last.fm users at launch

Have you ever played Fantasy Football? Well this competition is similar, except this time you create your own ideal music festival line up instead of a Football team.
Sony's Fantasy Festival is a free, points based league game. The aim - to assemble the ultimate, imaginary festival line-up using a €1 million budget and gain as many points as possible through your acts' popularity in the real world (calculated by activity online).

You can create custom leagues, invite your friends and battle it out for festival supremacy.
Sony’s Fantasy Festival is a celebration of the fact that no one knows sound better than us and no one knows music better than you.

The person who creates the highest value Festival will be presented with a music lover's dream prize - four "money can't buy" tickets (including VIP accommodation, flights and spending money) to one of Europe's best festivals.

It’s a massive opportunity for Sony to create a cult following of sorts in a non-sporting scene so it will be very interesting to see the response to the campaign. By the looks of it, it’s off to a flying start with week 2 just commencing now!

Miles Lewis, senior vice president of international sales at Last.fm said the campaign taps into the community side of the music platform, giving players the chance to build up an accurate picture of up and coming acts from around the world.
"Last.fm has always been about bringing to life the social side of music," he said. "Sony is going to engage with this community in a very smart way that I'm sure will get our users buzzing and our robust data will make sure that the best festival line ups will win."
The campaign is the brainchild of Altogether, while OMD International was responsible for the partnership with Last.fm.

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