2009. nov. 14.

A very good example: Hellman

Hellman is a small agency from Iowa. I like their pure, simple and down to earth way of thinking and style.

"These days, every ad agency does everything.
Every ad agency is integrated. Comprehensive. Strategic. We won't list the adjectives. Instead, let's list what we do for you.
We listen. Tell us what keeps you up at night. Or jump starts your morning. Where do you want to take your brand? We'll lend an ear before we get there — together.
We move quickly. Clients often refer to us as the go-to agency. We're small and nimble, so we don't get bogged down in process or politics. We simply put our heads together and go to work — with you.
We want results. We won't turn your ad project into our art project. Yes, your brand will look good. Yes, your ad will get noticed. But above all, it will sell. In the end, all marketing comes down to sales goals. Let us help you exceed yours."
Read their latest presentation about their new media process.

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