2010. ápr. 6.

Media Agencies Are Crap: The Movie

By Piers Fawkes @ PSFK
"Readers of our Twitter feed may remember that I took a swipe at media agencies last week. I called them lazy and stuck in the 80s and I feel that the large majority of staff at media agencies have no interest in exploring new media beyond large buys on Yahoo! They seem to large fat-cats that seem to excessively profit both from brands and media titles by employing junior under-skilled staff to allocate their client’s budgets. So with all that, it may be easy to understand why I have chosen to publish this video of a discussion between a new media publisher’s sales team and a pathetic media agency."


"When I did the rant I did get a bunch of emails with “What did I expect?” Most people seem to feel that media is the last refuge of old school advertising where change that is taking place across the rest of the industry hasn’t even begun. Partly this is due to the fact that there are few folks who want to take the risk of questioning the media agency business and partly, this is because media managers at brands don’t notice (or are too lazy to notice) the lack of imagination offered by these well known organizations. I know that there’s nothing PSFK can do to change the media industry so I’m left toying with a consideration of removing advertising from the site. Maybe everyone online should. There are other ways to make money by working with brands – but this old fashioned mentality about how we should make money seems to ruin it for everybody involved (except the media agencies of course)"

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