2010. ápr. 29.

SLANT: Good Interface Design Makes You Happy

"Know why SLANT's excited? Touchscreens and mobile devices are everywhere, and this is just the beginning. Hundreds of brands have the opportunity to deliver an amazing user experience... IF they pay attention to quality graphic user interface design (GUI).
At SLANT, that's the kind of challenge we live for. (Well, besides all-U-can-eat taco night). So, we created this video to share our thoughts on GUI and User Experience Design (GUI + UX) and its ties to marketing.

1 megjegyzés:

  1. Milyen egyszerű dolgok ezek, mégis milyen profi emberek foglalkoznak vele. Élmény.
    Az irodájuk sem rossz.
    Enjoyable experience - enjoyable product - loyalty. Kár, hogy sokaknak ez nem ennyire egyértelmű.