2010. ápr. 18.

Nike Grid by AKQA

Sami Salmenkivi

Nike has always been the forerunner in marketing, from the iconic 80’s tv spots to Nike+ and the more service oriented marketing of the past couple of years.
Their latest campaign Grid uses all latest hip & cool trends in marketing, such as social media, game like elements e.g. points and badges, hyper local content, and mix real life activities with the digital environment. What strikes me that they’ve still managed to keep the campaign simple and understandable.

The idea: London is a gameboard and old dial-in phone booths are the grid on it. Run between the booths and dial in your code to receive points and badges, ultimately claiming your neighborhood. The game lasts for a total of 24 hours, and it’s not difficult to imagine people running around the whole time with their Nike sneakers smoking to get the titles.

Agency: AKQA

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