2010. ápr. 3.

Top 10 Flash Websites

By Cerebro

When Flash was introduced back in 1996, it quickly became a fancy and very popular element in website design. It’s ability to add interactivity and animation blew people away, but not long before designers and clients carelessly started abusing its powers to impress. Sites would take longer times to load, often driving away needed public. It is now 2010 and becoming impressed by new technologies isn’t as common as it used to be. We salute the brains behind the following Flash sites, which have made animation and user interaction an exciting, fun, refreshing and awe-inspiring web experience.

1. Don’t Click It

Navigation without a Click? Why, certainly! The evolution of the Don’t Click It project began with questioning regarding habits of interface development. Even though we use the click as the way to control and navigate website content, it can also result in wasted time. So the experiment of removing the click entirely from its interface has proven to be a strange but refreshing experience. Try it for yourself!

2. Got Milk?

As if little milk cartons with cool designs on them weren’t captivating enough, the interface is reminiscent of the days when we played with and read big pop-up books at school. The menu is kept simple and user-friendly, so the content really grabs all of the attention. There are even great recipes to try. Make your mom proud.

3. We Are Trendy

Trendy is a design studio working in website design, motion/3d, visual identity and print. Their work is equally impressive as their website design. Navigation is a breeze with section links clearly and cleverly animated at the end of the main star’s tips.

5. Lego Click

An interactive Lego Flash website that’s just as fun as the little Lego’s themselves! All website content is smartly placed in Lego-pieced walls that rest over a cute light bulb production line animation.

6. Arena Estadios

Arena is a consulting and design firm that mixes marketing, architecture and financial enterprises to bring forth solutions for the sports and stadium construction industry. Check out the transitions, great work!


This heavily photograph-driven Flash website gets the point across, in a clear and tasty fashion. Famous for their flavored water, SOBE has concocted a simple and delicious way of showcasing their best product around!

8. Labuat

Labuat gives us an example of beautiful user interaction with Flash. A gorgeous melody plays as you move and control your mouse over the canvas…wonderful things begin to happen.

9. Summit on the Summit

This amazing Flash sample showcases one of the most original and well thought website designs, and all for a good cause. You are able to explore Mt. Kilimanjaro on your own while raising awareness about keeping our planet’s water clean.

10. Toyota Prius

This Russian-based Toyota website design impressively combines video, 3d, and user interaction all in one. Might just be another good reason to go green after all!

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